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5/25/2019 : 10:53 pm : +0200

HYDRA / Greece

The island Hydra - with the hydrofoil boat, the "Flying Dolphin", not more than one and a half hour away from Athens/Piraeus – is a remarkable energy place... for those, who know what I mean.
The studio in my small house ("To spiti ton aggelon" – the house of the angels) lies high above the pictorial port, directly below Maria's windmill... and if I lie in my bed, I can see through the window directly down into the port... and hear the priest in St. Mary's monastery turning the pages in his book of prayers ... so peaceful and quiet it can be...
I have also found my "own tree"... in front of the monastery Agia Triada... a motive for many of my paintings... a "face in the stone" and innumerable angels... all that, one can find on Hydra... and one’s past, present and future. Thus RYADH, my second home in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has become HYDRA for me ... both islands... the one in the desert... the other one in the sea.
A coincidence?

LEIBNITZ / Austria

 One can find islands everywhere... even the more in green Styria –
in the South-East of Austria... not far from the Slovenian border... the "new Europe"!
Leibnitz and my studio in my house "Beim Johanniskreuz" is like Hydra an energy place. Green and full of flowers, bird twittering, “gur gur” of doves and the nocturnal "cough" of the hedgehog. The house, built by my grandfather many years ago, offers for all of us a cozy and pleasant shelter... and the small "guesthouse", originally the house of my grandparents, accommodation for family and friends... and a studio.
Summer and winter, “island life” in the green heart of the Styria... close to the South-Styrian wine road, the Seggau castle and the Sulm lake... the excavations of the famous Roman settlement in Flavia Solva or on the Frauenberg - present and future at the same time!